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Designed by the foremost professionals in this space, the Esports Health and Performance Institute Certification is the first of its kind. This esports certification program offers healthcare and support staff professionals an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the health and performance needs of esports athletes and gamers at large. After receiving their esports certificate online, practitioners should feel they have the knowledge and resources for treating gamers at the casual, amateur or professional level. Certified practitioners will be eligible to be listed in the EHPI Provider Network which allows gamers to find a local provider with the qualifications best suited to their needs.

This course is approved for 6 contact hours for the Foundations course by the California Physical Therapy Board. Currently, the following states recognize approval by another state’s physical therapy licensing board without restrictions: AL, AK, AZ, CO, DE, DC, HI, IL, KS, KY, MI, MS, NC, ND, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WI, WY. The following states recognize approval by another state’s physical therapy licensing board, but courses in these states are subject to final approval by the individual state licensing board: CT, GA, IA, MO, MT, NE, NH, OH, OR, WA. We’ll continue to update this page as new approvals roll in. Foundations meets the requirements for Category D Non-Approved Provider credentialing for athletic trainers. We are also pending AOTA credentialing for nationwide occupational therapy continuing education credit. It is ultimately the responsibility of the licensee to determine if a course meets all of the content requirements or restrictions imposed by their state licensing board.




Building the Foundation

Level 1 Foundations is a comprehensive introduction to esports. These courses are designed to give the learner an understanding of what esports is from a conceptual level, the culture of esports, the role of ergonomics in gaming, common pain patterns, and the basics of the healthcare infrastructure. This esports certificate program is designed to be understood by everyone, including esports doctors, esports physical therapists, esports psychologists, esports nutritionists, esports coaches, esports performance professionals, esports management staff, and even esports athletes. 

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  • 6 CEU contact hours by the California Physical Therapy Board (multi-state reciprocity)


Deep Dive - Healthcare Practitioners

The medical series in the esports certificate program is designed to expand upon the training of musculoskeletal-based practitioners including Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Medical Doctors, and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine. Our esports certification institute is not intended to replace traditional educational programs, but rather to expand upon the specific considerations relevant to treating the esports and gaming population at large. Topics include evaluation and treatment of the common musculoskeletal issues that arise as a result of competitive gaming. Additional Medical tracks will be provided for non-musculoskeletal clinical specialties.

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  • 15 CEU contact hours by the California Physical Therapy Board (multi-state reciprocity)


Deep Dive - Performance Professionals

The performance series has a broader scope and is designed to explore a wider range of topics that performance, as well as healthcare professionals, can benefit from. This course can serve as a preliminary esports coaching certification while the official esports coach certification course is under development.  Within this series, tracks will cover sleep, nutrition, exercise, mental health and esports psychology, and training protocols, with options for learners to select the courses relevant to their areas of practice.  Professionals that can benefit from these courses include medical providers, esports coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, psychologists, esports management staff, registered dietitians, and even team chefs!

Telehealth for Gaming: 101

Diversify your Practice

Whether you are a physical therapist, athletic trainer, occupational therapist, nutritionist, psychologist or even an esports coach. Understanding how to effectively set up a telehealth practice in gaming. 

The course covers various regulations for telehealth, marketing materials, session preparation, technology and provider setup, common body regions and pathologies in esports, and a SOAP note format for evaluation and examination. It also provides an overview of telehealth, its origins in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the position of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) on telehealth. Topics covered in the course include telehealth definition and practices, telehealth platforms and software, marketing and gaming triggers, technology considerations for providers, and examination and assessment.


About Certification

The rise of organized competition around non-video games such as chess can be traced back to the 1840s. While this version of competitive gaming looks very different from modern esports, these competitors also looked for ways to give themselves an edge through pharmacology, medicine, psychology, and exercise. With the rise of modern esports, many professional organizations are seeking evidenced-based interventions to improve player performance and longevity.

The Esports Health and Performance Institute is a centralized resource that will provide highly contextual learning for support staff, medical professionals, and performance science experts looking to enter the rapidly-growing esports industry. EHPI certifications have been developed by experts in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation, exercise and sport science, psychology, and nutrition who also have years of experience in gaming and esports.

The ultimate aim of this certification to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to provide evidence-based services and to provide gamers of all levels confidence in the professionals who treat them.


Professionals seeking to take their skills and marketability to another level will benefit greatly from the EHPI Certification.

Whether your goal is to work at the professional level with an esports organization or at the local level with collegiate or amateur gamers in your community the certification courses we have developed will equip you for all levels of practice.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals such as MDs, DOs, DPTs, OTs, and ATCs can benefit from the courses designed to build the evaluation and treatment techniques specific to the gaming populations. These courses are designed to equip practitioners with the currently available literature and field-tested protocols.

Fitness Professionals

Fitness professionals at any level can benefit from understanding the culture of esports and their specific fitness needs associated with the common postural issues that arise as a result of gaming for prolonged periods. These courses also dive into the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices to improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Fitness Professionals
Psychology Professionals

Psychology Professionals

Psychologists and performance coaches at any level can benefit from the principles outlined in these courses to not only understand the esports athlete outside of the clinical perspective but also equip themselves to learn how to teach coaches and players alike strategies to handle issues such as tilt, performance anxiety, communication struggles, etc.

Nutrition Professionals

Nutrition professionals at any level can benefit from understanding the energy demands of esports athletes as well as the commonly used nootropic supplements in the industry. These courses adhere to a high level of evidence-based information presented so that all levels of practitioners can have valuable information to build solid nutritional recommendations.

Nutrition Professionals
Esport Coaches

Esport Coaches

It is our philosophy that coaches are on the front lines of health and wellness as they spend the most time with their players. We believe coaches can benefit from the principles outlined in our courses to give them a deeper insight into the goals and methods of the health and performance staff on their teams. Once coaches understand these principles they are able to help support and reinforce the interventions provided by the health and support team and can serve as extra eyes and ears in the pursuit of health-conscious esports.

Esport Management

Health and performance initiatives are only as strong as the infrastructure of the organization that supports them. We believe it is critical for esports organization management to not only understand the importance of health and performance structures but also to help support them at the institutional level. All members of an esports organizations administration staff benefit by understanding these principles. These benefits ultimately translate to higher player support, an increased culture of health, and open communication even amidst rough seasons. 

Esport Management
Esport Athletes

Esport Athletes

Esports athletes that truly want to take their health and wellness into their own hands will benefit from learning opportunities like these. Our courses are written at a level that should be accessible to the athletes themselves. Athletes that understand the principles of health and wellness themselves are more likely to adhere to programs established by professionals and gain increased benefit from initiatives designed to improve their performance.  

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