EHPI Certified Experts set the standard in the esports industry. They have reached a level of professional expertise that prepares them to be the best providers available for any team or player. By maintaining active certification, industry professionals demonstrate their commitment to improving player performance and standard of care. Along with the first-class education, active EHPI certification includes additional benefits:

Completion of Foundations 1 required for inclusion in Expert Network

Listing on the EHPI Provider Network

1. Appear in the Find an Expert section of EHPI

Find an Expert section of EHPI
Dr. David Amirrezvani

Expert Profiles include the following:

2. Access to the EHPI Creator Program

EHPI-certified practitioners have the opportunity to publish paid articles on through our learning platform, allowing increased visibility and further establishing their credentials.

3. Be the First to Hear About Esports Job Postings Around the World.

Exclusive mailing lists and job boards run by the esports medicine industry professionals currently leading the esports health and wellness programs at top-tier organizations.

4. Access to Community Forums and Discord Servers.

Be involved in a community of professionals where you can ask and answer questions related to topics relevant to esports health and performance.

5. Shop Discounts Based on Community Participation

Earn points though site engagement that translate to rewards such as discounts from out partners.

Esports medicine rewards
Dr. Jennifer Thai


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