Esports Sleep Characteristics and Mood of Professional Esports Athletes: A Multi-National Study

Medical resident Arjun “Llod” Malhotra breaks down some esports-specific research as conducted by Australian and South Korean teams. For an added bonus, check out the recent journal club presentations from Arnaud van Marcke and Cagla Melep to apply practical, actionable interventions for your players! Watch here:

Sleep and the Athlete: Narrative Review and 2021 Expert Consensus Recommendations
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Sleep and the Athlete: Narrative Review and 2021 Expert Consensus Recommendations

Çağla Melep, physiotherapist, reviews the most up-to-date sleep and performance recommendations for athletes and discusses how they can be applied to esports competitors as well in this month’s Esports Health and Performance Institute Journal Club.

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Qualitative and Quantitative Sleep Assessment As a Health Practitioner

Want to learn about how to address sleep in esports competitors? Arnaud van Marke, physiotherapist, breaks down the newest research on qualitative and quantitative sleep assessment within appropriate scope of practice in this month’s Esports Health and Performance Institute Journal Club.

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Video Game Practice Optimizes Executive Control Skills in Esports Performance

Executive function is a critical component of esports performance and gaming competency. It is well established that executive function can be improved through selective training. The esports community has various opinions on whether genetics vs practice plays a large role in the development of esports skills. This paper suggests that practice is important for skill

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Continuing Education Credits: UPDATE

We’re well aware that there have been “esports certifications” tried before, and that most of them carry about as much weight as the pixels they’re (digitally) printed on. That’s why, when we created EHPI, we wanted to make sure our certifications carried a little more weight. We’ve done that in a few ways for different

EHPI and IFoEC Partner to Improve Esports Health and Performance Education

The Esports Health and Performance Institute, a continuing education platform for medical and performance science professionals, has partnered with the International Federation of Esports Coaches to continue developing innovative, evidence-based educational offerings. Comprised of experts in sport psychology and both traditional and esports coaching, IFoEC already provides industry-leading coursework for coaches, aspiring coaches, and educators.

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ESPORTS PSYCHOLOGY: Esports and Traditional Sports Players: An Exploration of Psychosocial Profile

In addition to physical health and performance, esports psychology and mental performance skills are prominent areas of focus in esports medicine research. With many of its online players putting in hours each week to enhance their cognitive and physical skills, competitive esports has grown to be comparable to sporting entities. Singh and colleagues (2022)  investigated

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Physical Exercise and Esports Performance: An Initial Systematic Review

This systematic review focuses on the impact of physical activity and exercise on esports performance. It highlights concerns about the sedentary nature of esports and the need for research and health promotion strategies in this field. The review emphasizes the benefits of exercise on cognitive function and mental well-being, which are important for esports performance.

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An Osteopathic Physician’s Approach to Esports Medicine

Osteopathic physicians play a vital role in promoting esports medicine. By addressing the unique concerns faced by these athletes, including musculoskeletal injuries, metabolic dysregulation, sleep disturbances, and mental health disorders, physicians can provide comprehensive care. Implementing interventions such as proper ergonomics, exercise regimens, OMM techniques, and mental health screenings can significantly improve the health and performance of esports athletes.

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