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“Fueling the Games”: Energy Drink Consumption, Marketing, and the Associated Perceptions and Behaviors in Video Gaming

Energy drinks have become a dietary staple for many adolescents and adults and are heavily integrated with esports and gaming. They are the most popular dietary supplement among American teens and young adults. In this paper, the authors investigated the relationship between video gaming and energy drink usage, explored the motivations and perceptions of gamers

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Self-Regulation, Stress Appraisal, and Esport Action Performance

This study titled “Self-regulation, stress appraisal, and esport action performance” investigates how self-regulation may affect performance and compares self-regulation skills among athletes at different levels of competition and across different game titles. Within this study, self-regulation is defined as the cyclical capacity to plan, guide, and monitor one’s behavior; given the significant internal/cognitive and external

Integrating Athletic Trainers in Esports Healthcare
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Integrating Athletic Trainers in Esports Healthcare

This article discusses the integration of athletic trainers (ATs) into the healthcare teams of esports athletes. It presents findings from a survey study conducted to understand the perspectives of ATs regarding their role in esports healthcare.

Exercise Recommendations for e-Athletes:
Guidelines to Prevent Injuries and Health Issues
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Exercise for Esports Athletes: Guidelines to Prevent Injuries and Health Issues

This article regarding exercise for esports athletes focuses on addressing the potential health risks and musculoskeletal injuries faced by esports players. It emphasizes the need for evidence-based exercise protocols to optimize performance, prevent injuries, and improve the overall well-being of e-athletes. The article covers several key aspects:

Sleep and the Athlete: Narrative Review and 2021 Expert Consensus Recommendations
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Sleep and the Athlete: Narrative Review and 2021 Expert Consensus Recommendations

Çağla Melep, physiotherapist, reviews the most up-to-date sleep and performance recommendations for athletes and discusses how they can be applied to esports competitors as well in this month’s Esports Health and Performance Institute Journal Club.

EHPI and IFoEC Partner to Improve Esports Health and Performance Education

The Esports Health and Performance Institute, a continuing education platform for medical and performance science professionals, has partnered with the International Federation of Esports Coaches to continue developing innovative, evidence-based educational offerings. Comprised of experts in sport psychology and both traditional and esports coaching, IFoEC already provides industry-leading coursework for coaches, aspiring coaches, and educators.

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Physical Exercise and Esports Performance: An Initial Systematic Review

This systematic review focuses on the impact of physical activity and exercise on esports performance. It highlights concerns about the sedentary nature of esports and the need for research and health promotion strategies in this field. The review emphasizes the benefits of exercise on cognitive function and mental well-being, which are important for esports performance.

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Prevalence of Forward Head Posture in Electronic Gamers and Associated Factors: Esports Medicine

In the field of esports medicine, there are many common issues seen. Forward Head Posture (FHP), characterized by hyperextension and forward translation of the upper cervical vertebrae, can lead to symptoms such as craniofacial pain, cervicogenic headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and decreased range of motion and tenderness of the neck and shoulders and is a common diagnosis

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Esports Health and Wellness: Safer Esports for Players, Spectators, and Bettors: Issues, Challenges, and Policy Recommendations

Addressing gaps in esports Health and Wellness is not the only way to promote safe and sustainable practices in esports. While esports medicine is important “Safety” must also encompass financial, mental health, and social considerations, for esports athletes, team personnel, and esports medicine professionals. 

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