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The Effects of Different Types of Training on Cognitive Performance in Professional Esports Players

As esports continues to evolve, so does research on the role of different types of training as effective tools for in-game improvement. In this study, the authors reviewed the existing data, summarized the literature to date, and made recommendations for future research. The authors utilized the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA)

“Fueling the Games”: Energy Drink Consumption, Marketing, and the Associated Perceptions and Behaviors in Video Gaming

Energy drinks have become a dietary staple for many adolescents and adults and are heavily integrated with esports and gaming. They are the most popular dietary supplement among American teens and young adults. In this paper, the authors investigated the relationship between video gaming and energy drink usage, explored the motivations and perceptions of gamers

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Narcissism, Big Five Personality Traits, and Performance in Temporary Teams: An Investigation of League of Legends

As one of the largest gaming populations, both casually and competitively, League of Legends offers significant advantages for researchers investigating both physical and psychological components of performance. In this study, researchers wanted to explore behavioral trends associated with ranked in-game performance. Previous research has shown that positive, efficient communication is associated with higher in-game rankings,

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Self-Regulation, Stress Appraisal, and Esport Action Performance

This study titled “Self-regulation, stress appraisal, and esport action performance” investigates how self-regulation may affect performance and compares self-regulation skills among athletes at different levels of competition and across different game titles. Within this study, self-regulation is defined as the cyclical capacity to plan, guide, and monitor one’s behavior; given the significant internal/cognitive and external

Upper limb and mouse kinematics of different esports genres: A pilot study

Upper Limb and Mouse Kinematics of Esports Genres: A Pilot Study

The poster presentation titled “Upper limb and mouse kinematics of different esports genres: A pilot study” discusses a pilot study conducted by Antoine Dupuy, Adam J. Toth, and Mark Campbell. The study aims to investigate the upper limb and mouse kinematics of esports and individuals engaged in various esports genres, including Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), First-Person Shooter (FPS), and Adventure games. The study gathered data from 62 Gamescom participants and utilized tri-axial accelerometers and a custom Python script to track mouse cursor movements. Participants played their preferred genre for 10 minutes and had the option to choose between three different mouse sensitivity settings (400, 1000, and 1600 DPI).

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Upper Body Compression Wear (Gaming Arm Sleeve) Improves Muscle Oxygenation Following Intense Video Game Training: a Randomized Cross-Over Study Among Competitive Gamers

The article titled “The Impact of Compression Clothing (gaming arm sleeve) on Performance and Recovery in Esports Athletes” by DiFrancisco-Donoghue et al., published in BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2023, investigates the effects of compression clothing on performance and recovery in esports athletes, particularly those engaged in high-intensity video gaming. Here’s a summary

Esports Nutrition, lifestyle, and cognitive performance in esport athletes
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Esports Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Cognitive Performance

In the world of esports, where cognitive performance is crucial, esports nutrition plays a vital role in supporting optimal performance. The article “Nutrition, lifestyle, and cognitive performance in esport athletes” explores the impact of esports nutrition on cognitive function, providing valuable insights for healthcare providers working in esports. This summary focuses on key findings and clinical takeaways specific to esports medicine.

Journal Club: Expertise-Dependent Perceptual Performance Chess Tasks with Varying Complexity

In this month’s journal club, Çağla Melep reviews research on priming and the impact of expertise in chess players, followed by a discussion of its applicability in esports.

Esports Sleep Characteristics and Mood of Professional Esports Athletes: A Multi-National Study

Medical resident Arjun “Llod” Malhotra breaks down some esports-specific research as conducted by Australian and South Korean teams. For an added bonus, check out the recent journal club presentations from Arnaud van Marcke and Cagla Melep to apply practical, actionable interventions for your players! Watch here:

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