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Esports Performance: Is Esports the Chess of the 21st Century

Esports performance is still a relatively novel field, and as such experts often draw on research from other competitive disciplines. Since esports relies heavily on cognitive skills and executive function, chess is a useful research analog. This study, published in Frontiers in Psychology, outlines some of the ways in which chess research has allowed us to study human performance, as well as the ways in which esports performance research can further advance this field of study.

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Are Esports Players Comparable to Traditional Athletes? A Cross-Sectional Study

The primary research question of this study was “are esports players comparable to traditional athletes?”. To assess this, researchers compared competitive, physical, and cognitive characteristics of the two groups.

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Enhanced Esports: Community Perspectives on Performance Enhancers in Competitive Gaming

At this point, it’s fairly well-established that performance-enhancing modalities exist within traditional sports. As esports has continued to grow, esports athletes and the esports community have also become aware of the potential for use of performance-enhancing drugs and treatments in esports competitions.  In this study, researchers investigated the use and perception of Performance Enhancers in

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Esports Psychology: A Systematic Literature Review

Given the significant degree of cognitive skill and emotional regulation involved, esports performance is heavily impacted by psychological states. Esports Psychology research can also reveal valuable information about the motivations of spectators as well as players. This systematic esports medicine literature review discusses the growing phenomenon of esports and the limited research that has been

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Breaking Up Prolonged Sitting With a 6 Min Walk Improves Esports Performance in Women and Men Esports Players: A Randomized Trial 

Esports performance is heavily reliant on cognitive function, and much of the current research focuses on interventions to improve esports performance. In this study, researchers investigated the effects of taking breaks during video game play on executive function and gaming performance in competitive first-person shooter esports players. The study used a randomized repeated measures experimental

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Research Summary: Understanding Esports from the Perspective of Team Dynamics – Esports Psychology

This article explores the attributes of esports player and team dynamics from the perspective of esports psychology, addressing a variety of topics including the unique considerations of esports, the similarities to traditional sports, the current state of research, and future research aims. Team dynamics are an important factor in the success of esports teams. Team

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