Your journey as a healthcare practitioner or coach in esports begins here. Understanding the physical and mental demands of gamers is a prerequisite for effective coaching, training and treatment. Learn how to assess what they do on a regular basis to be effective support staff for esports athletes. 

Foundations 1 is the only esports certification course designed to give the practitioner a basic understanding of the principles required to begin helping gamers with their health and performance needs. Whether your goal is to become a doctor working with a professional esports team or attract more gamers to your clinical practice. Foundations 1 gives you all the basic information necessary to set you up for success in this industry.

Foundations is approved for Physical Therapy continuing education credit in the state of California. Please check your state’s bylaws for reciprocity. Foundations also qualifies for Category D continuing education credit for Athletic Trainers. AOTA certification pending.


EHPI Foundations Certification

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Why Our Certification?


Trusted by Tier 1 Esports Orgs

All of the instructors for the Esports Health and Performance Institute have experience working directly for or with players at the worlds foremost Tier 1 Orgs across multiple titles.

Trusted by the Champs

Call of Duty World Champion Kenneth "Kenny" Williams (2022- LA Thieves) Credits his EHPI Certified Esport Psychologist with helping him learn to communicate with his teammates to turn their season around for the championship run. The Esports Health and Performance Institute can provide you with the same insights our instructors use in their daily practice with these elite performers.

Dot Esports, ESPN, Variety Magazine, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo!, PC Gamer, Kotaku

Trusted in Esports and the Mainstream

Many of the EHPI instructors have been featured in articles regarding esports medicine and performance including Dot Esports, ESPN, Variety Magazine, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo!, PC Gamer, and Kotaku.

Benefits of Certification

1. Appear in the Find an Expert section of EHPI
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Course Overview

Part 1 - Understanding the Performance & Health Landscape in Esports

Module 1: Overview of the Current State of Health and Performance

Module 2: Esport Athlete Culture

Module 3: Role of Health Professionals in Esports 

Module 4: Understanding Esports Titles

Module 5: Current Issues in Esports Medicine and Performance

Part 2 - Principles of Posture & Ergonomics In Gaming and Esports

Module 1: Posture and Ergonomics Basics for Esports: PC

Module 2: Esports Postural Ergonomics Assessment Tool / Outcome Measure (Downloadable PDF)

Module 3: Common Postural Faults in Gaming

Module 4: How to Teach Posture to Gamers

Part 3 - Esports Technique - How Mechanical Skills Affect Musculoskeletal Health in Gaming

Module 1: Relevant Anatomy as it Relates to Mechanical Skill in Gaming

Module 2: Gaming Input Devices (Peripherals) 

Module 3: Mechanical Skill and Game Sense in Esports

Module 4: Esports Physical Load Analysis 

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