esports shadowboxing

Esports Shadowboxing

This video lecture explores the concept of esports shadowboxing as a valuable tool for esports athletes, emphasizing its role in refining techniques, reacting fluidly, and employing the PETLEP framework for effective visualization. Instructor Reid “x0tek” Johnson Twitter | Liquipedia Esports Coach Reid “x0tek” Johnson began his esports career in 2003, playing in a World Cyber

Optimizing emotional arousal in esports

Optimizing Arousal in Esports

This video lecture explores optimizing arousal in esports for peak performance, referencing the Yerkes-Dodson Law. It introduces individual zones of optimal functioning, acknowledging unique player preferences. The discussion covers team dynamics and offers practical tools, including reversal theory concepts like focused breathing and logic statements, to help manage emotional arousal for better gameplay. Instructor Reid

Developing Player and Organizational Buy-in

Getting organizational buy-in is often difficult as a health or performance professional in esports. This article describes some strategies you can use to get players or management on board with your initiatives. Instructor   Reid “x0tek” Johnson Twitter | Liquipedia Esports Coach Reid “x0tek” Johnson began his esports career in 2003, playing in a World

Consistent Esports Performance Inchworm Model

Consistent Esports Performance: The Inchworm Model for Improvement

In this article, we’ll be introducing the concept of the “inchworm model”, as well as explore how esports teams can utilize it to enhance consistent esports performance of their players. From customizing practice regiments, to structuring long-term improvement, to developing a culture with the proper mindset, this model can help navigate core questions and issues teams may face when developing star players and rosters.

Weightlifting for Young Gamers: Does it Stunt Growth?

Weightlifting for Young Gamers: Does it Stunt Growth?

This article dives into the rationale behind starting weightlifting for young gamers and dispels some commonly held myths.

cross training for esports performance

Cross-Training for Esports Performance: Effectiveness and Interventions

In this article, we’ll assess the benefits of cross-training in esports performance. In particular, we’ll be looking at how it can be used to better develop skills, build creativity, and help avoid burnout. Instructor Reid “x0tek” Johnson Twitter | Liquipedia Esports Coach Reid “x0tek” Johnson began his esports career in 2003, playing in a World

Esports Health and Performance Event Preparation

This article explores the many facets of esports event preparation, providing insight and guidelines on how to prepare for all situations, ranging from the stadiums of large international competitions to the minutiae of daily practice, from an esports health and performance perspective. Instructor Reid “x0tek” Johnson Twitter | Liquipedia Esports Coach Reid “x0tek” Johnson began

Esports Performance Applications of Piano Pedagogy

You might be wondering why there is an article about piano practice on an esports-focused educational platform. If this article were just about practicing piano, it would have no place whatsoever here. However, Fundamentals of Piano Practice is not a typical “piano” book.

It does not provide a list of exercises, ranging from the beginner level to the expert. It does not provide a lesson plan, nor does it offer much advice as to which songs to play. Going through the pages, you won’t find a song among them. For that matter, you’ll be hard pressed to find a single note!

Instead, author Chuan C. Chang’s masterpiece focuses on something far less banal: comprehensive guidelines to effective practice and performance.

Fundamentals of Piano Practice touches on an incredibly wide and versatile array of topics, ranging from injury prevention, to the importance of mental play and memorization, to even optimizing practice routines!

The original book spans hundreds of pages and topics, so we can’t hope to cover every single chapter within the book. However, we’ll be looking at some of its key lessons, while providing some critical insight for how they apply to disparate aspects of esports. To begin, a brief introduction to the ultimate book on piano practice.

Non-Research Resources: Where to Find Wisdom on the Internet – Esports Research

The article explores the notion that not all knowledge related to esports medicine and performance comes from traditional academic sources. While academic research is valuable, the internet contains a vast amount of information that can provide unique perspectives and insights, such as forum posts, Youtube videos, and web archives. These “lost gem” resources offer practical

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