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Beat Saber Injuries and Mechanics

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The article is a comprehensive guide exploring the physical demands of Beat Saber injuries and mechanics, a VR rhythm game, delving into wrist, forearm, upper arm, and shoulder movements, different grip styles, map categories, and the impact of custom controller settings on gameplay. It emphasizes potential musculoskeletal strains, injuries, and the importance of evaluating and understanding these factors for injury prevention and player improvement within the game.



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Esports Coach

Hi I’m Xoomies. I am a coach, master saber tailor, twitch streamer and a competitive Beat Saber player (top 300 world wide). I’ve been playing Beat Saber since December of 2020. I have spent a lot of time learning how the game works and have even created multiple tutorials for the game as well as hosted tournaments. I have worked with over 100 people bringing them a comfortable and fun experience within VR; all in the hopes of driving more interest into Beat Saber and expanding the competitive scene.

Dr. Elliot Smithson

Physical Therapist / Athletic Trainer

Dr. Elliot Smithson PT, DPT, MS, ATC, EMT received his undergraduate degree from University of Central Florida in Athletic Training, his Masters from Marshall University in Athletic Training, and his doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. He has been working in sports and entertainment medicine since 2013 (Walt Disney World) and Division 1 level (UCF, Marshall University), and transitioned into esports medicine in 2019. He has worked with professional esports teams such as 100 Thieves, NRG, and Immortals. He is passionate about advancing the line of knowledge in the esports industry and cultivating the next generation of professionals.

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 A Beginners Guide: The Beat Saber Crash Course

Welcome to Beat Saber! The world’s most popular VR game as of 2023! Beat Saber is a game created by the Czech developer BeatGames that focuses on the use of rhythm to slice blocks within a 3×4 grid to the beat of any tune using VR controllers. It demands a lot of physical energy and mental prowess to recognize patterns, timing, accuracy, and range of motion to be able to get high scores making the game a very competitive at a glance; but it has many different mechanics that make it much more intricate than meets the eye. It includes it’s own global leaderboard and comes with a set of five OST packs containing various amounts of songs at multiple different difficulty levels. From the beginner level “easy” all the way to “expert+” difficulty, with even multiple modes like “one-handed”, “90 degree”, and “360 mode”, plus all the different modifiers it offers, there is so much potential for the game and many different skillsets to master within the game. As Beat Saber has grown it’s community, it has fostered multiple different sub-communities like dancers, pro, challenge players (the ones who push the limits of the games mechanics) These challenges are absolutely captivating for new players, but all of the different aspects make it hard to understand to the inexperienced players of the game who would not know how to navigate through all of these different skillsets or how to go about getting better at the game as well as the sub-communities created around all of these different aspects. 

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8 months ago
Especially great for: 1. If you are starting the game and you want to learn more. 2. If you have recently started using mods. 3. If you often/regularly feel pain. 4. If you are a clinician and are interested in the game from that perspective. Interesting for: 1. Casual Players (non-top #5000) who want to learn about the game in general. I already know all of this minus the doctor stuff: 1. If you\'re in the top 2000 you probably know most of mentioned topics and know how to prevent injuries. And if you are a challenge player, please STAY CALM 😄
Dr. Jennifer Thai


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