Esports Shadowboxing

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This video lecture explores the concept of esports shadowboxing as a valuable tool for esports athletes, emphasizing its role in refining techniques, reacting fluidly, and employing the PETLEP framework for effective visualization.


Reid “x0tek” Johnson

Twitter | Liquipedia

Esports Coach

Reid “x0tek” Johnson began his esports career in 2003, playing in a World Cyber Games qualifier for Age of Mythology. While he was disqualified in this first event due to his young age, x0tek’s later career tells a different story. From turn based strategy games to tactical shooters, x0tek’s nearly 20 years as a competitor would bring multiple world and national titles across a variety of games. With the advent of the pandemic in 2020, x0tek took time away from competition to explore coaching. Since then, he has:

  • Coached the first Egyptian team to ever top an international esports professional league, Team Anubis, in CrossFire
  • Coached then-Australian juggernaut the Soniqs in Valorant, reaching top-ten in the North American rankings
  • Coached Cloud9 White’s game changers roster, winning a national championship and becoming the first all-womens team to break into the top 40 rankings of a major esport
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What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to Shadow Boxing
  • 1.1 Overview and Utility for Esports Athletes
  • 1.2 Theoretical Underpinnings
  • Practical Integration of Shadow Boxing
  • 2.1 Ways to Integrate into Daily Practice
  • Core Concept of Shadow Boxing
  • 3.1 Practicing Combat Without an Opponent
  • 3.2 Historical Use in Martial Arts
  • Advantages of Shadow Boxing
  • 4.1 Refining Technique During Intense Engagement
  • 4.2 Overcoming Lack of Time in Actual Play
  • Drawbacks of Shadow Boxing
  • 5.1 Creative Limitations and Surprise Elements
  • Mechanisms and Effectiveness
  • 6.1 Petlep Framework Overview
  • 6.2 Strength Training Study on Petlip
  • Petlep Framework Components
  • 7.1 Physical, Environmental, Task Timing
  • 7.2 Learning, Emotion, and Perspective
  • Applying Petlep to Shadow Boxing
  • 8.1 Visualization in Physical Sensations and Movements
  • 8.2 Recreating In-Game Environment
  • Emphasizing Environmental Components
  • 9.1 Imagining Teammates' Communication in Shadow Boxing
  • Real-Time Practice with Shadow Boxing
  • 10.1 Setting up for a Practice Session
  • 10.2 Focusing on Emotions and Protocol Challenges
  • Integration of Petlip into Shadow Boxing
  • 11.1 Combining Actual Practice and Visualization
  • Conclusion
  • 12.1 Recap of Shadow Boxing Mechanisms
  • 12.2 Importance of Shadow Boxing as a Training Tool


We’ll discuss shadow boxing, a valuable tool for esports athletes and skill-based practitioners. Covering its theoretical foundations and practical integration, shadow boxing allows refining techniques, reacting in real-time, and employing the Petlep framework for visualization. The lecture emphasizes the importance of considering physical sensations and movements, recreating the in-game environment, and tailoring practices for specific esports tasks.

esports shadowboxing

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