Optimizing Arousal in Esports

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This video lecture explores optimizing arousal in esports for peak performance, referencing the Yerkes-Dodson Law. It introduces individual zones of optimal functioning, acknowledging unique player preferences. The discussion covers team dynamics and offers practical tools, including reversal theory concepts like focused breathing and logic statements, to help manage emotional arousal for better gameplay.


Reid “x0tek” Johnson

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Esports Coach

Reid “x0tek” Johnson began his esports career in 2003, playing in a World Cyber Games qualifier for Age of Mythology. While he was disqualified in this first event due to his young age, x0tek’s later career tells a different story. From turn based strategy games to tactical shooters, x0tek’s nearly 20 years as a competitor would bring multiple world and national titles across a variety of games. With the advent of the pandemic in 2020, x0tek took time away from competition to explore coaching. Since then, he has:

  • Coached the first Egyptian team to ever top an international esports professional league, Team Anubis, in CrossFire
  • Coached then-Australian juggernaut the Soniqs in Valorant, reaching top-ten in the North American rankings
  • Coached Cloud9 White’s game changers roster, winning a national championship and becoming the first all-womens team to break into the top 40 rankings of a major esport
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What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction
  • Pressure in Esports
  • Yerkes-Dodson Law
  • Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning
  • Reversal Theory
  • Tools for Managing Emotional Arousal


In this video, we’ll explore how to optimize emotional arousal for peak performance, examining both theoretical perspectives and practical applications. Competition is inseparable from stress and emotion, making it crucial to not only develop skill but also understand how to navigate performance pressures in our competitive environments.

Many can relate to the frustration of excelling in practice only to falter under pressure. Why does this happen, and what can players, staff, and coaches do about it?

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