Sauna for Esports Performance

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This article discusses the potential benefits of sauna bathing on cognitive function, physical performance, and mental health, with particular focus on how these benefits can be applied to performance in gaming.


Arnaud van Marcke de Lummen


Arnaud van Marcke PT/ OMT is a Physical Therapist specializing in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT), upper limb & cervical musculo-skeletal injuries. He has worked with EU esports organizations from Belgium.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Sauna Impact on Cognitive Function in Gaming
  • Sauna Bathing and Physical Activity
  • Sauna Impact on Mental Health in Esports
  • Practical Guidelines for Sauna Bathing for Gaming Improvement
  • References


Welcome to Sauna for Esports Performance! We’ve all heard about the importance of sleep, physical activity, and nutrition to improve and maintain high standards of esports performance in gaming or other activities–and for the most part, improvements in performance comes from consistent mastery of basic principles. But once you’ve gotten those down pat, what else can you do to boost your gaming performance further?

Sauna bathing, or passive heat therapy, can also help improve gaming performance.

Heat has been used for thousands of years for plenty of reasons: cooking food, avoiding freezing during cold winters or even relaxing tight muscles. Sauna bathing is known for its effects on the cardiovascular system (helping to lower blood pressure while improving cardiac function) and its detoxification benefits (helping excrete heavy metals & other chemicals through sweat). (Laukkanen et al. 2015; Podstawski et al. 2014; Ketelhut et al. 2019; Genuis et al. 2010)

It is less known in esports medicine that sauna bathing can also directly improve cognitive & executive functions, physical performance, and even mental health.

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