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Introducing the EHPI Creator Program! This program is designed to allow the community to create articles and videos that highlight relevant topics in health and performance. These articles will be added to the content access pass as standalone optional courses to improve your professional practice.

TIER 1: Gold



  • 1 High-Quality Video / Month 
  • 3 High-Quality Articles / Month 
  • $1500 USD / Month Paid to Creator 
  • 3 Gold Tier Partners Max  
  • Accepted Members May Submit At This Level Only (With Approval From Moderators)

*Requires 3 Years Experience in Esports or Foundations Certified with 3 Years of Experience in Field

Tier 2: Silver

EHPI Community Creator


  • Submission of At Least 1 Video Qualifies
  • Submission of At Least 1 Article Qualifies
  • Video Submission Pays Out $500 USD
  • Article Submission Pays Out $250 USD
  • Max Submissions From All Creators Capped at [(4 Videos) (6 Articles)} / Month
  • First Come First Serve (With Approval From Moderators)

*Requires Foundations Certification or Exceptional Content Idea

Get Your Name Out There and Start Creating Today!

All video and article guidelines / submission instructions available in account dashboard

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