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EHPI and IFoEC Partner to Improve Esports Health and Performance Education

The Esports Health and Performance Institute, a continuing education platform for medical and performance science professionals, has partnered with the International Federation of Esports Coaches to continue developing innovative, evidence-based educational offerings.

Comprised of experts in sport psychology and both traditional and esports coaching, IFoEC already provides industry-leading coursework for coaches, aspiring coaches, and educators. EHPI offers continuing education accredited-courses for medical professionals interested in esports, with content created by physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, and registered dietitians with years of experience in esports medicine and performance.

The first product of this partnership will be a continuing education course for performance science professionals and esports coaches that explores elements of sports psychology, mental performance, nutrition for performance, and the physiological and psychological role of sleep. This alliance will also allow for ongoing clinical and performance education, ensuring that the next generation of esports medicine and performance professionals are well-equipped to provide care.

EHPI Co-Founder Dr. Caitlin McGee, PT: “The first time I met the brilliant minds behind the IFoEC at the Esports Research Network Conference, I was hopeful we’d eventually be able to work together. I’m thrilled to be making that a reality today. We want to raise the standard of professionalism in esports medicine and performance, and IFoEC is the perfect partner for that.”

IFoEC Director of Learning & Development Matthew Watson: “For esports to continue its growth long-term there has to be a greater focus on the health, well-being and development of everyone involved, from players to coaches and casual gamers to pros. Both EHPI and IFoEC have been working hard to highlight this, and working together is an exciting step that allows us to promote the message and best-practice approaches to a larger audience.”

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