Exercise for Esports Athletes: Guidelines to Prevent Injuries and Health Issues

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Exercise for Esports Athletes: Guidelines to Prevent Injuries and Health Issues

This article regarding exercise for esports athletes focuses on addressing the potential health risks and musculoskeletal injuries faced by esports players. It emphasizes the need for evidence-based exercise protocols to optimize performance, prevent injuries, and improve the overall well-being of e-athletes. The article covers several key aspects:

  1. Warm-ups: The document recommends incorporating warm-up routines before gaming sessions to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injuries. Warm-ups should include a brief bout of low-intensity aerobic exercise, dynamic mobility exercises, and specific exercises targeting body areas involved in esports actions.
  2. Cooldowns: After gaming sessions, cooldown routines are suggested to aid recovery and injury prevention. These protocols involve executing activities in a smoother way, gentle static stretches, relaxing postures, and time for slow breathing and reflection on the session.
  3. Injury Prevention: The article emphasizes that esports players may be prone to overuse injuries due to repetitive movements. Exercise for esports athletes for Injury prevention should focus on compensatory exercises for the typical anterior dominant posture of e-athletes and strengthening and gaining mobility in structures commonly involved during gaming.
  4. Active Breaks: Incorporating active breaks during gaming sessions is vital for better executive function and reducing health risks. A 6-minute active break per hour of gaming is suggested, though more time could be invested if desired. Various activities of different complexities can be chosen based on individual preferences and equipment availability.
  5. Additional Aspects: The article briefly mentions the importance of sleep, nutrition, and hydration for esports athletes’ performance and health. It also touches upon the significance of ergonomics and vision care.

Clinical Takeaways for a Clinician Working in Esports:

  1. Customized exercise for esports athletes: Clinicians working with esports players should develop tailored exercise protocols considering individual player characteristics, gaming hours, and specific physical and psychological demands of the game.
  2. Preventative Measures: Proactive injury prevention exercises should be integrated into esports players’ routines to address potential overuse injuries and musculoskeletal problems.
  3. Active Breaks: Encouraging and structuring active breaks during gaming sessions can benefit both cognitive function and the overall health of esports athletes.
  4. Sleep and Nutrition: Clinicians should emphasize the importance of adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and hydration for optimal performance and recovery in esports players.
  5. Vision and Ergonomics: Addressing vision care and promoting proper ergonomics for gaming setups are essential to minimize potential eye strain and musculoskeletal issues.
  6. Evidence-Based Approach: Clinicians should base their recommendations on the available evidence, and further research in the field of esports medicine is encouraged.

Overall, the article provides valuable insights for clinicians working in esports, offering practical guidelines to promote the well-being and performance of esports athletes while reducing the risk of injuries.

Source: Baena-Riera, A., Carrani, L. M., Piedra, A., & Peña, J. (2023). Exercise Recommendations for e-Athletes: Guidelines to Prevent Injuries and Health Issues. Journal of Electronic Gaming and Esports1(1), jege.2023-0003. Retrieved Jul 31, 2023, from https://doi.org/10.1123/jege.2023-0003

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