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Integrating Athletic Trainers in Esports Healthcare
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Integrating Athletic Trainers in Esports Healthcare

This article discusses the integration of athletic trainers (ATs) into the healthcare teams of esports athletes. It presents findings from a survey study conducted to understand the perspectives of ATs regarding their role in esports healthcare.

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Esports Health and Wellness: Safer Esports for Players, Spectators, and Bettors: Issues, Challenges, and Policy Recommendations

Addressing gaps in esports Health and Wellness is not the only way to promote safe and sustainable practices in esports. While esports medicine is important “Safety” must also encompass financial, mental health, and social considerations, for esports athletes, team personnel, and esports medicine professionals. 

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Esports Health: Performance and Heart Rate in Elite League of Legends Players

Optimizing esports healthcare is only one component of improving the safety and sustainability of esports. It’s also important to consider the wide variety of factors contributing to and associated with top-tier esports performance (although you may also remember the difficulty in defining “performance” in esports!).

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