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Exercise Recommendations for e-Athletes:
Guidelines to Prevent Injuries and Health Issues
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Exercise for Esports Athletes: Guidelines to Prevent Injuries and Health Issues

This article regarding exercise for esports athletes focuses on addressing the potential health risks and musculoskeletal injuries faced by esports players. It emphasizes the need for evidence-based exercise protocols to optimize performance, prevent injuries, and improve the overall well-being of e-athletes. The article covers several key aspects:

Esports Medicine Care of the Esports Athlete
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Esports Medicine: Care of the Esports Athlete

Esports, the world of competitive gaming, has witnessed explosive growth in recent years. With this rise in popularity comes the need for specialized healthcare to support the well-being and performance of esports athletes. This article published in Current Sports Medicine Reports explores the field of esports medicine, with topics ranging from eye health, disorders of

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An Osteopathic Physician’s Approach to Esports Medicine

Osteopathic physicians play a vital role in promoting esports medicine. By addressing the unique concerns faced by these athletes, including musculoskeletal injuries, metabolic dysregulation, sleep disturbances, and mental health disorders, physicians can provide comprehensive care. Implementing interventions such as proper ergonomics, exercise regimens, OMM techniques, and mental health screenings can significantly improve the health and performance of esports athletes.

esports injuries

AOASM Position Statement on Esports Medicine, Active Video Gaming, and the Role of the Sports Medicine Physician

With much discussion surrounding the need for comprehensive esports medicine teams institutionalized in esports leagues, this article comes in a timely manner echoing many of the calls from the industry professionals working at the highest levels of esports medicine. The article is a position statement by the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (AOASM) on esports medicine, active video gaming (AVG), and the role of sports medicine physicians in addressing injuries associated with esports.

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The Esports Medicine: Pre-Participation Screening and Injuries Management

The topic of esports medicine and the roles of the multidisciplinary healthcare team in esports has been a subject of much discussion in recent events. Due to ambiguity in roles, piecemeal multidisciplinary support, and healthcare providers without proper training in the space much of the medicolegal liability currently falls on the esports teams and game publishers. In order to mitigate this risk systems must be put into place that allows for the players to receive competent, timely, multidisciplinary esports medical care for both physical and mental needs. 

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Managing the Health of the Esport Athlete: an Integrated Esports Medicine Model

Esports medicine and performance remains a novel research field. One of the earliest papers that proposed a holistic model of support for esports competitors was published by Dr. DiFrancisco-Donoghue and colleagues, and many subsequent papers have built further on their research to develop the field further. 

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Breaking Up Prolonged Sitting With a 6 Min Walk Improves Esports Performance in Women and Men Esports Players: A Randomized Trial 

Esports performance is heavily reliant on cognitive function, and much of the current research focuses on interventions to improve esports performance. In this study, researchers investigated the effects of taking breaks during video game play on executive function and gaming performance in competitive first-person shooter esports players. The study used a randomized repeated measures experimental

esports injuries

Esports Medicine Research Summary: Musculoskeletal Disorders in Video Gamers – A Systematic Review

Esports medicine is a relatively novel field of research. In this systematic review, researchers evaluated the association between video gaming and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). A total of 16 studies were included in the analysis, with a total of 62,987 participants from 10 different countries. The majority of the studies were cross-sectional and involved school-aged children

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