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ESPORTS PSYCHOLOGY: Esports and Traditional Sports Players: An Exploration of Psychosocial Profile

In addition to physical health and performance, esports psychology and mental performance skills are prominent areas of focus in esports medicine research. With many of its online players putting in hours each week to enhance their cognitive and physical skills, competitive esports has grown to be comparable to sporting entities. Singh and colleagues (2022)  investigated

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AOASM Position Statement on Esports Medicine, Active Video Gaming, and the Role of the Sports Medicine Physician

With much discussion surrounding the need for comprehensive esports medicine teams institutionalized in esports leagues, this article comes in a timely manner echoing many of the calls from the industry professionals working at the highest levels of esports medicine. The article is a position statement by the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (AOASM) on esports medicine, active video gaming (AVG), and the role of sports medicine physicians in addressing injuries associated with esports.

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A Parallel Approach to Esports Performance Coaching and Esport Psychology Work in Esports Teams

There is currently a significant degree of debate regarding the appropriate role and scope of various medical and performance science providers within an esports organization. Clear differentiation of responsibilities is key for organizations, as is a solid understanding of legal and ethical standards for providers. 

One of the most commonly misinterpreted roles in esports is that of “esports performance coaching”. Both the term and the role are often ill-defined, which leads to confusion about appropriate scope of practice, who can and should refer to whom, and what kind of professional you need to fill the role.

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The Esports Medicine: Pre-Participation Screening and Injuries Management

The topic of esports medicine and the roles of the multidisciplinary healthcare team in esports has been a subject of much discussion in recent events. Due to ambiguity in roles, piecemeal multidisciplinary support, and healthcare providers without proper training in the space much of the medicolegal liability currently falls on the esports teams and game publishers. In order to mitigate this risk systems must be put into place that allows for the players to receive competent, timely, multidisciplinary esports medical care for both physical and mental needs. 

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Esports Mental Performance: Top Players in League of Legends Have Better Esports Executive Control

In gaming, cognitive skills are of utmost importance for top-tier esports mental performance. These skills are like many other game skills, in the sense that they can be practiced and improved upon. Researchers have theorized that gamers might in fact demonstrate better cognitive performance in certain areas due to training and practice. Previous studies have

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Managing the Health of the Esport Athlete: an Integrated Esports Medicine Model

Esports medicine and performance remains a novel research field. One of the earliest papers that proposed a holistic model of support for esports competitors was published by Dr. DiFrancisco-Donoghue and colleagues, and many subsequent papers have built further on their research to develop the field further. 

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Brains in Sync: Esports Team Coordination and Interpersonal Prefrontal Neural Synchrony

In order to better understand the demands of esports athletes and advance the field of esports performance and esports medicine, it is important to make use of available technologies for assessing cognitive function. Neuroimaging is one such technology that can enable us to better understand the role of cognition in esports team performance. 

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Esports Performance: Is Esports the Chess of the 21st Century

Esports performance is still a relatively novel field, and as such experts often draw on research from other competitive disciplines. Since esports relies heavily on cognitive skills and executive function, chess is a useful research analog. This study, published in Frontiers in Psychology, outlines some of the ways in which chess research has allowed us to study human performance, as well as the ways in which esports performance research can further advance this field of study.

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Are Esports Players Comparable to Traditional Athletes? A Cross-Sectional Study

The primary research question of this study was “are esports players comparable to traditional athletes?”. To assess this, researchers compared competitive, physical, and cognitive characteristics of the two groups.

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